Wednesday, 27 July 2016

My holiday

This may have been my best holiday yet, it was pretty great, here are somethings I did:

1- visit the beehive in Wellington 

2- found out about parlements hisotry 

3- play a piano and bagpipe duet by the sea 

4- went to Te papa and found out about the colosseum and the giant squids habitat.

And lots more...

Wendsday week 1 
I woke with a feeling that today would be a good day today going to Wellington to visit parliament. at first I thought that the train ride was going to be fun but then I found that the train ride was the total opposite an hour of it was totally dark but eventully it started to get brighter. 
We want to the eleven o,clock tour and the first room was the most historical place in the building it was the first floor of parliament there were murals and the floor was made of one of the most oldest native tree wood in New Zealand.

Monday, 23 May 2016



This is my diary and I am about to tell you what I did in the weekends. At first I was very nervous about my first orchastra rehearsal I was playing the snare for a song called "raiders March" then the snare and base drum swap over so that I would play the base drum for the finanle of Julias ceaser then I swapped back to the snare and played pirates of the carrabein.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

camp week

 this is when we went to kids republic.
next time I should go rock climbing because I relised maybe giving it a go is a good idea after all.

                                                                                               this was the best day of the week I didin't
                                                                                               get interupted at all. when the others we
                                                                                               playing in the stream I was felt                                                                                                  great to have some peace and quiet by                                                                                                      myself.

                                                                                                     today we had a water day. we had five                                                                                                       rotations: a water slide, a tinfiol boats
                                                                                                       scetion, a water fight, a life sa

Thursday, 3 March 2016

camp week goals

bush walk /k.republic                      mon                        
goals: be picistinte, ignore
building day                                      tus
goal: try new things

art day                                             wed
goal:try not to show off

water day                                         thurs
goal: try not to get carried away

camp out                                           fri
goals:not eat to much,be generous

Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Apple crumble

Today we  cooked Apple crumbles to make money for chickin food. We had to slice dice spred and put on topping. Then when we were selling in total we made 130 crumbles in 3 days and made $605 dollars I felt very suprised when we added up the total. We are still working out if this is enough for a year.