Wednesday, 27 July 2016

My holiday

This may have been my best holiday yet, it was pretty great, here are somethings I did:

1- visit the beehive in Wellington 

2- found out about parlements hisotry 

3- play a piano and bagpipe duet by the sea 

4- went to Te papa and found out about the colosseum and the giant squids habitat.

And lots more...

Wendsday week 1 
I woke with a feeling that today would be a good day today going to Wellington to visit parliament. at first I thought that the train ride was going to be fun but then I found that the train ride was the total opposite an hour of it was totally dark but eventully it started to get brighter. 
We want to the eleven o,clock tour and the first room was the most historical place in the building it was the first floor of parliament there were murals and the floor was made of one of the most oldest native tree wood in New Zealand.

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  1. I think your writing about the holidays is very good. Your holiday sounded cool! Jussa